There are three main sources of wastes; domestic wastes, industrial and commercial wastes, and demolition and building wastes. Domestic waste makes up almost half the waste every year. Metals, timber, concrete, and other building materials make up demolition and building wastes. It can be very inconveniencing to dispose and manage wastes.

Skip hire in Abingdon makes waste disposal convenient and easy. Since skips come in different sizes, you can hire one that is right for you depending on the wastes.

Why hire a skip?

* Proper disposal of rubbish and wastes – When you have a party, when demolishing your house or you have a lot of wastes that you need to dispose, or when you have waste that is too bulky for ordinary disposal techniques, why not call a skip hiring company? They will make sure that hey dispose the wastes in a safe way.

* ConvenienceSkip hire in Abingdon provide skips of various sizes. The needs of everyone are not the same and there are times when you have more wastes than others. The various sizes cater for everyone and make it easy for people to dispose their wastes with ease.

* No transportation needed – It is so convenient to use the skip bins. The hiring company delivers the skips at your home and after it is full, they collect it. Your work is to put all the non-hazardous wastes in the skip. The skips come in different sizes so you will also need to specify the size that you want.

* Environmental friendly – Skip hire companies are environmentalists so they collect and dispose the wastes in an environmentally friendly manner. The waste collected is sorted to differentiate between the recyclable from the non-recyclable material. The recyclable wastes are then recycled and the other disposed in environmentally friendly ways.

Waste disposal does not have to be troublesome and a menace for you. Hazell & Jefferies Ltd. can help.