An Overview of the Job of a Refrigeration Engineer in Devon

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Industrial Goods and Services

A refrigeration engineer in Devon is a person who specialises in applications that the bigger and more advanced than the residential style. The commercial style of refrigerator is used in a number of different industries including petrochemical, marine and pharmaceutical. These appliances are available in a range of different designs and they are constructed using thermal technology, which is suitable for use in various environments.

The career prospects for a refrigeration engineer in Devon is very good and they have opportunity to make a very good wage. The initial training for this type of career is through a basic engineering course, which covers thermodynamics and then from this course you can progress onto an intermediate course. The final training would be at an advanced level and this course will look at air conditioning and heating which has a focus on being bale to measure the level of humidity in relation to the refrigeration system and heating.

The training that is carried out by these engineers looks at energy conservation as the commercial appliances tend to be larger and are required to remove the humidity from the air in order to cool it. These large appliances tend to use a large amount of energy, which can be wasted with older appliances that have an inefficient system, which struggles to keep up with the demand for lowering the humidity levels. The career of a refrigeration engineer is geared towards people that are inclined to work with things that are mechanical. The people that are suited to this career will understand the basics of technology that is used for refrigerator and an interest in green technologies and issues is very helpful.

Refrigeration engineers in Devon have the ability to understand the requirements for proper filtration and venting for the heating and systems for air conditioning, which enable the appliance to run efficiently. Commercial establishments such as hotels tend to have a combination of PTAC and HVAC appliances and these are able to individually heat and cool the room. These appliances are energy efficient and can be turned off when they are not required. Refrigeration appliances contain coolant and most of these are sealed nowadays in order to make the suitable for environmental purposes. This industry is one where engineers always have to be learning due to the newer technologies coming out and nowadays this career is termed as a green occupation due to the ability to make appliances run smoother and therefore saving energy.

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