When you choose the right alarm systems in Newport, your property is protected 24 hours a day whether you are home or not. 24-hour monitoring means that there is always someone paying attention! Your property can be protected from unauthorized entry and more.

What Is Monitoring?

If you are not there to hear the alarm system go off, an alert will be sent to an engineering centre where immediate response is given to the breech. Alarm systems in Newport that are monitored, send a signal to an engineer station when there has been an upset in the property that the system has detected. The centre will make decisions about whether authorities need to be notified and sent to your property in seconds. That quick reaction can reduce the risk of harm and property loss.

Why Is It Important?

Acting quickly is always important when there is any type of threat. Whether the there is a threat of a break-in or there is a fire or a medical emergency, getting help to the property as quickly as possible is critical. You cannot be home 24 hours a day, but a monitored alarm system can be. Think of it as a blanket of protection whether you are there or not. It is the simplest way to have peace of mind and to be protected without having to do it yourself!

Where Can You Get It?

There are a few companies that offer alarms systems that are monitored around the clock but there is none better than Dragon Fire & Security Systems. You can have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a trusted company that is committed to protecting your property as much as you are. Learn more about how 24-hour monitoring helps to protect your property and your loved one’s today!