5 Important Tools when setting up a Fence

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Fencing

If you are getting started with fencing your household, business asset or farm, you will require several essential supplies and tools to assist you set up and manage your fence. Depending on the material of fence, you will need fencing supplies in Alton that can best perform the task at hand. Below are five important tools when setting up a fence.

1. Fence strainer

Fence strainer is a tool that clamps onto wire and increases the tension of wires due to a corresponding increase in pressure. There are different types of fence strainers depending on users’ desire and wish.

2. Fence pliers

Multipurpose pliers are one of the most vital handy tools for effective wire fencing. There are different shapes and sizes of fence pliers they include square nose and round nose. Moreover, a low-cost pair will still serve you well when installing or repairing fences.

3. Post hole digger

If you happen to have a tractor and can purchase or hire a post-hole digger connection for it, this will save an unbelievable amount of time. Not having a tractor doesn’t mean that the task cannot be performed. Alternatively, a heavy-duty hand post hole digger will work for you well.

4. Tamping tool

A tamping tool is a chisel-shaped bar used to break hard soil or ground. It is flat on one end to fill the soil down all over the fence post. When installing a post, you must fill soil around the post so that it doesn’t fall due to an increase in tension.

5. Leather gloves

Leather gloves may be needed as well. They protect your hands from injuries resulting from wire edges and sharp fence. Leather gloves are preferable as they are comfortable and last longer. Nonetheless always remember to cushion your hands as you handle metal or any rough wood.

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