Whether you need wood flooring, wooden gates or other wood products you want to start with one of the best timber merchants in Taunton. Choosing the right merchant can enhance the outcome of any project. Choosing the wrong merchant can cause you a great deal of headaches in the end.

Here are 3 tips that you can use to choose a merchant that you will be able to depend on for high quality timber, craftsmanship and superior customer care.

1. Longevity matters! Every business deserves a chance but when you need timber you do not want to take a “chance” on a mill that has not been in business very long. Timber requires specialty handling to ensure the best specimens are used. Experience and longevity in the industry is a great teacher. Look for a mill that has been around for a while so you know that you are going to get the best timber available in the area.

2. Commitment! Choose the timber merchants in Taunton that are committed to providing you with top notch customer service. This is a very important feature because a commitment to customer service also points to a commitment to provide high quality products and timber.

3. Cost Effectiveness! Of course, you want to be able to save on your purchase but you never want to sacrifice quality for the right price. The right timber merchant will offer high quality goods always at a fair market price. Don’t settle for lesser quality to save, or you will wind up unhappy with the results and will need to replace sooner than you should.

There is one merchant in Taunton that offers you the greatest value. Blamphayne Sawmills LTD! Looking for timber just got a lot easier at Blamphayne!