3 Main Parts you cannot ignore during Central System Maintenance

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Plumbing

An ordinary central heating system includes controls, pipes, a boiler, and pipes. Some systems have a separate pump or a hot water storage cylinder. The system does not need a lot of maintenance but the annual boiler servicing is compulsory. Some of the maintenance services that you can carry out for the boilers include caring for the radiators, checking the pipework and water tank.

Venting the Radiators

The process removes extra air trapped in the radiator. When the air is trapped in the radiator, it takes up space that hot water should be occupying. The result is that cold spots form and this prevents the radiator from being as hot as expected. Venting is only beneficial when it is done at the right time. To know when you need to vent, touch the bottom and top part of the radiator to examine if they are of the same temperature. If the bottom part is warmer than the upper part, then you need to vent.

Examine the Water Tank and Pipework

The pipework takes up most of the pressure exerted by the central heating. It is therefore important to examine the pipes for leaks either around the radiators or along the system. Listen to the pipes for any irregular noise such as a clanking sound. The noise is an indication of the presence of limescale in the heat exchangers. Lime causes the water to overheat. Do not forget the water tank; examine it for any faults.

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