Creating a Checklist for Business & Commercial Removals Oakham

by | May 22, 2014 | Business & Industrial

Running a business can be tough, what with so many responsibilities to focus on. From dealing with customers, to keeping employee satisfaction at its height, there are lots of things that will take up your time. For a brick and mortar business to survive in an industry with lots of competition, it’s important that the working environment is spacious, welcoming and designed with suitable features. If your business is rapidly growing, or if you simply want to have a fresh start by moving into a new property, it may be a good idea to contact a local company for business & commercial removals Oakham. Prevent delays and avoid forgetful mistakes by creating a check-list.

Determining a Budget for Removal Services

Aside from updating your company website contact details, such as the phone number and address, you will need to determine a suitable budget. Although you will need to pay for business & commercial removals Oakham, it is highly likely that you will save money. How, you ask? Well, without professional help you may damage items, injure yourself or worse, injure someone else and be left dealing with the consequences! Request an in-person estimate and make sure the team are insured, reliable and most of all, qualified. By obtaining a copy of the packing inventory for the crew, you can sidestep delays and monetary woes.

Packaging Materials and Supplies

You wouldn’t want to get everything transported to the new property quickly only to discover that items had been damaged, would you? This is why it is crucial that the proper materials and supplies are used to protect fragile items. Most companies that specialise in business & commercial removals Oakham will offer a range of packaging materials. Labels will help you distinguish between boxes, bubble wrap will provide a protective shield, and different sized cartons can be used to store similar items.

Making Final Payments for Utilities

At your current residence you will probably be paying utility bills for gas, electric and other essential services. Inform the utility companies about your plans to move and confirm the date with the company offering business & commercial removals Oakham, so that you can make final payments, cancel subscriptions and possibly get new subscriptions set up at the new property. On the day of the move, take the team around the property room by room to confirm all of the items that need to be packaged and transported.

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